Lady Delana Archwynne

The widowed bard and Lady Mistress of Old Peltarch in Narfell, up north


Level 3 Human Bard.


Lady Delana was not born in Narfell, originally hailing from the northwest, and was married off at age 18 to the middle-aged Lord Archwynne. Delana grew up the second child and only daughter of four. Her family loved music although they were not talented in it. When Delana showed signs at an early age of musical inclination and talent, they indulged her with years of lessons. She practices various instruments and singing every day, and once her husband passed she began learning the art of the sword as well as some hand-to-hand self-defense.

Lord Archwynne’s first wife had died under suspicious circumstances after ten years of a childless marriage. In need of an heir, Archwynne remarried only months after her death. After three years, there continued to be no children despite many attempts on Archwynne’s part. Delana was sure that the Lord himself was sterile, but knew he would never admit it. After a harrowing near-death experience on one of her weekly rides in the lordswood, she realized that her husband might be trying to kill her in his refusal to admit his own sterility. Unsure and fearing for her life, she stepped carefully and avoided doing anything alone, trying only to keep trusted servants around her until she was sure of what to do. Fortune smiled on her, however, when after a week of sleepless paranoia she was informed that her husband had tripped and fallen down one of the servants’ stairs, breaking his neck and dying instantly.

Though the servants and peasants had grown fond of their kind and beautiful Lady, they didn’t like being ruled by someone not of their region. Over time, and by maintaining a strong and aloof facade, she managed to assert her position as Lady, and also proved to rule more justly than her late husband. In the three years since his death, the people of Old Peltarch have become truly loyal to her.

While not completely stern and humorless, she wears a mask in front of everyone, especially strangers. She maintains proper manners and protocol at all times, knowing that her position as a foreign widowed Lady makes outsiders think her weak, vulnerable and in need of a husband. She must constantly handle marriage proposals, but delicately so that she can maintain her unmarried independence yet not offend anyone and provoke a feud.

Lady Delana Archwynne

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