Graven Bronzeleaf

The second of the original five warforged, he defies his mech 'roots' by being independent and druidic


Level 30 Warforged Druid.


Several hundred years ago, Graven was the second created warforged of the original five. Like the first warforged, a pacifist paladin, Graven was considered a failure and kept only as a comparison for what came after. After four decades of servitude, he escaped to forge his own independent path. Intrigued by the world of nature, so different from his own existence, he eventually devoted himself to Silvanus, the natural world, and the druidic path. This is common knowledge to those he calls friends, but anyone who could share more details is either gone or in hiding.

Now he seeks not only for warforged to be released from slavery and recognized as independent sentient beings, but also to release the mainland of Toril from the grasp of the four floating isles.

He is hired by Lady Delana Archwynne of Old Peltarch to investigate a high number of infant deaths that she suspects are related to the Shrouded Isle, he delegates the task to Lux, Ryft, Kekt and Irin for a substantial fee to test their mettle as possible agents.

He has inscribed druidic sigils on the wooden parts of his form. He has a wide, shallow gash on the left side of his head, through his eye. He has widened part of it and inserted an acorn to substitute for his ruined eye. It’s assumed that he could get the injury repaired if he wanted to, but he’s chosen not to.

Graven Bronzeleaf

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