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We use the Forgotten Realms world with some other gods and classes intermingled, and a touch of Eberron. (Mostly, classes, a few races, and some monsters and other trinkets.)

Above the mainland, in the cardinal directions, float four menacing isles where the elite of four races reside: Human (West), Dragonborn (South), Dwarf (East), and an unknown race, the Shrouded (North). They each regulate the climate of the lands below them, in turn requiring blind devotion (and taxes) as they struggle for supremacy. Foremost are the Dwarves, mechanical masters, versus the Shrouded, mages extraordinaire, as they attempt to gain the allegiance of their fellow isles so they can end the fight once and for all.

Our four travelers—Lux, Changeling Artificer; Ryftwin Wolfbourne, Elven Ranger and his wolf Angus; Irin Thaynil, Genasi Swordmage; and Kekt, Tiefling Rogue—are oblivious to the world above as they take on adventures mostly for the gold and sometimes for the glory.

The Mercenary Conscience

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